Thanks for your help at Saturday’s yard clean-up

The Nottingham Earth Day clean up on Sunday, April 21, drew many volunteers including an energetic group of students, high school staff and parents of both current and past students of Nottingham. Litter clean up focused on the area around the back pathway from the parking lot to the Courtyard and up to the ball fields. Gardening crews focused on cleaning up brush in the Courtyard, weeding planting beds, pruning all the trees and shrubs and mulching several shrubbery beds.

Nottingham teacher Rae Defuria, provided a large pot of chili which lent a little extra heat to a cool but sunny afternoon at Nottingham! Thanks to all for making this an enjoyable afternoon and our little patch of the earth a little nicer.

Bulldog Bazaar and Plant Sale is Saturday, May 18

Mark Saturday, May 18, on your calendar for the first Bulldog Bazaar and Plant Sale. Sponsored by the Class of 2016 (yup, the freshmen), the Bulldog Bazaar is your chance to purchase space to sell your white elephant household goods, crafts, jewelry…we’ll leave it up to you. See the attached flyer for vendor prices–add $5 if you need us to provide the table. Tell your neighbors, tell your friends–be a seller or a shopper.

For more info, contact hamgov2016 [at] gmail [dot] com

That same day Nottingham will be hosting a plant sale, so clean out your flower pots and head to Nottingham on May 18.

Vex World Championship Results

Well, we’re back from California and it’s been a whirlwind of a trip. Had a few hiccups last week with the travel arrangements–got caught up in that American Airlines problem which held us up a day but we made it. The students had a great time with the event. This year there were 540 high school teams competing from around the world. A few in our division were from Ireland, Bahrain, Singapore, UK, New Zealand, and China plus a lot of teams from across the United States. Being the top teams in the world, some had only one representing their entire country. Talking and interacting with them was a lot of fun. The students got to meet others from all over.

Only the top 10% of the students around the world who competed in Vex competitions this year qualified to make it the Worlds. So before we even started our first match, we were in the top 10% IN THE WORLD; I thought that was pretty awesome. Through each match we competed in we learned a few things, changed a few things, and ran into some troubles. But when all was said and done, we finished in the top 7% in the World by placing in the top 65% in our division. Thank you to all of you who supported us this year.

We’re looking forward to a great next year. If you missed us on Twitter you can take a look at the re-cap here:

Bryan English, Technology Education at Nottingham

Interested in City Parks Youth Band?

Musicians who are interested in a spot in the City Parks Youth Band should call now to schedule an audition. The band currently has several openings; band members begin rehearsing now for a seven-week season that runs June-mid-August, with approximately 50 performances in the CNY area.  If you’re a music person, this could be fun, introduce you to a great network of local musicians, and look good on a college application!

To schedule an audition, contact Mary Beth Roach Syracuse Parks Department 473-4300   ext 300 mroach [at] ci [dot] syracuse [dot] ny [dot] us

Dr. Jennifer Daniels Scholarship Competition

Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD/MBA Scholarship

Application DEADLINE MAY 5 2013

The Dr. Jennifer Daniels Scholarship Fund was started in 1991 by Dr. Jennifer Daniels.  Dr. Daniels graduated from Nottingham High School in 1975 and returned to Syracuse, where she raised her family and operated her medical practice in the same neighborhood where she grew up.  Dr. Daniels knew that she wanted to come back to the city in which she was raised and practice medicine in the community in which she grew up.The scholarship serves to emphasize the importance of continued education, the need to think about how you will use your education and the importance of contributing to the quality of life in your community.

The Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD/MBA Scholarship is offered each year to assist a graduating senior with a scholarship of $1,000 each year for the first two years of college. The scholarship is awarded to a college-bound senior living in the 13205 area code or a graduating Nottingham High School Senior from any zip code. The winner must provide proof of address as well as submit a 500 word essay on “Upon your graduation from college, how will you use your college education to make Syracuse a better place to live?” Submit your application using the link below. You will be contacted by email to inform you of your interview.

Good Luck,

Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD/MBA Scholarship Committee

Here’s the link to the online application:

Robotics Team to California

Nottingham’s VEX Robotics team and advisor, technology teacher Bryan English, are heading to Anaheim, California, next week to participate in the World Championships.  If you want to check on the team’s activities, follow them on Twitter @BryanEnglish2.

Good luck to the team!

Nottingham Students Compete in NSBE Championships

The following information was provided by Nottingham vice-principal Ken Baxter:   Last week 43 SCSD students competed at the national convention of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  This year’s convention was the second largest attended convention since its inception in 1975 and the second largest attendance as well for NSBE Jr members (elementary, middle, and high school students).

The students participated in the traditional math, science, and robotics competitions at the middle and high school levels the year, but there was a new competition that caught the attention of the schools at the Regional Conference: The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative.  This competition is a league in which middle and high school students practice the art of being professionals. Young men and women, supported by a community of mentors and educators, collaborate and compete in ways that mirror business & marketing executives, engineers, technicians, green transportation designers and professional motorsports teams.

Middle school students in 6th – 8th grade compete using electric radio controlled (RC) cars to create products and work together in ways that parallel the arduous preparation of NASCAR teams in the weeks, months and years leading up to each race. Student teams showcase their work and compete over the internet, locally and nationally in categories including project management, race engineering, aerodynamic design, alternative energy, creative engineering and graphic design.

This year it was only offered to the middle school students, so we decided to enter a team into the challenge for the national competition at the convention.  During the course of the preparation we were told there were 10 teams who had entered the challenge.

The results of the entire national convention, except the robotics competition,  are attached.  With the number of teams and the way it was judged the placing was not announced.  Those standings will be fort coming.

Please congratulate the students on their accomplishments as well as the advisors for the hours that they put in helping to prepare the students for the competition.   Thank you all for supporting the students as always, without you and encouraging them to participate the program would not continue to grow!

Results and participants are listed here:  NSBE National 2013 Results