Public Hearing on District’s Revised Code of Conduct

SCSD has been notified by the Office of the Attorney General that it has approved the revised Code of Conduct, Character and Support.  Click below to view the text-only version of the Code of Conduct, Character and Support.

The Board of Education of the Syracuse City School District will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the Institute of Technology @ Syracuse Central, 258 E. Adams Street, Syracuse, New York.  The purpose of the hearing will be to receive public comments on proposed changes to the Code of Conduct.

Draft SCSD Code of Conduct Character and Support

Free SAT Test and SAT Prep Courses

If you’re a senior or your Nottingham student is a senior, be aware that this year the Class of 2015 has an opportunity to take the SAT exam-for free-at Nottingham during a school day in October.  The $52.50 registration fee is waived, and students don’t have to worry about finding a test site or missing an extracurricular activity to take the test on a Saturday.

Note:  Students should NOT register for this in-school SAT online; seniors will register for it during an information session at Nottingham once classes begin.  If they register online now, they will be charged the registration fee.

For juniors AND seniors:  SU is also offering free SAT prep courses on Saturday mornings, with four different sessions spaced out over the fall and next spring.  Many students find that the six-week sessions are helpful, familiarizing them with the SAT format, offering some useful test-taking strategies, and providing the opportunity to take some practice tests.  Students DO have to register for the sessions.

Information about the SAT exam and the SAT prep courses is here  Free SAT test and prep classes or available at  and look under HIGH SCHOOL.

AP Bridge Sessions Begin Monday, August 18

Nottingham students taking AP World History, AP or College-Level U.S. History, or AP Calculus should try to get to as many AP bridge sessions as they can.  These sessions will give you a great start to these challenging courses.  If you can’t make it to all of the sessions, come to as many as you can.

Questions about AP World or U.S.?  Contact teacher Don Little at dlittle [at] scsd [dot] us    Questions about AP Calculus go to teacher Sara Gentry a sgentry [at] scsd [dot] us

AP World History Bridge Sessions

Mon, Aug 18  10 – noon;   Tues, Aug 19   10 – noon;    Wed, Aug 20   10 – noon;           Thurs, Aug 21     1:30 – 4:30; Fri, Aug 22  10 – noon

AP/College Level U.S. History Bridge Sessions

Mon, Aug 18  1 – 3 pm;  Tues, Aug 19   1 – 3 pm;  Wed, Aug 20  1 – 3 pm;                         Fri, Aug 22   1 – 3 pm

AP Calculus Bridge Sessions

Mon, Aug 18    9:30 am – 12:30 pm;   Tues, Aug 19   12:30 pm – 3:30 pm;                      Wed, Aug 20   9:30 am – 12:30 pm; Thurs, Aug 21  12:30 pm – 3:30 pm;                           Fri, Aug 22   9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Share Your Thoughts on School Building Projects

The Syracuse City School District is preparing to move to the next phase of its building upgrades, and it is looking for public input.

The 15 schools eligible for funding, including Nottingham and Ed Smith, are estimated to have needs totaling over $600 million, but there will only be about $300 million available for construction, so the Joint Schools Construction Board (JSCB)  is developing a plan to prioritize the projects; they are looking for community input on this plan. The presentation identified, very generally, the needs at each of the 15 schools. The presenters indicated that the State requires that projects be prioritized according to (1) health and safety, (2) codes and ADA compliance, (3) programming and visual needs. The presentation is available here; it might be worthwhile to review the presentation before attending one of the last two public meetings.

Remaining two sessions:

Tuesday August 19, 6:30-8:30 pm at Corcoran

Thursday August 21, 6:30-8:30 pm at Nottingham

Please consider submitting comments as a teacher, parent, community member or student regarding the priorities you see at your school. Comments can be emailed to jscb [at] syrgov [dot] net or submitted during the public meeting.

Schools Eligible for Phase 2 Funding Bellevue Elementary School; Clary Middle School; Corcoran High School; Danforth Middle School; Ed Smith K-8 School; Expeditionary Learning; Fowler High School; Frazer K-8 School; Grant Middle School; Greystone Building; Henninger High School; Huntington K-8 School; Nottingham High School; Shea Building; Westside Academy at Blodgett

Three Students Looking for Host Families

Three students from Europe are looking for host families at Nottingham, and we’re wondering if you would be interested. Nottingham teacher and coordinator Katie Gang reports these are great students who are excited about the opportunity to study in the United States and get to know a U.S. family.  She thinks they will fit very nicely into the Nottingham community.

Christian Hans is from  Denmark, and Alberto and Anna are from Italy.  All love to cook, and the boys love to play the piano, too.  Nottingham has a long history of good experiences hosting students; they often join sports teams, try out for the plays, participate in band or singing groups, and make a lot of friends.

Christian Hans            Alberto              Anna

If you’re interested in hosting or want more information, please contact Katie Gang at mgang [at] scsd [dot] us

District-wide Musical at Henninger this Weekend

The All-City summer musical, In The Heights, hits the Henninger stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 8-10, at Henninger High School.  Show times are 7 pm on Friday and Saturday; Sunday matinee is at 2 pm.

Tickets are $8 at the door.  You can save a few dollars if you purchase them by Tuesday from a cast/crew member-advance sale tickets are just $5.   Contact Nottingham parent Heather Ruiz at heatheruiz [at] aol [dot] com if you want to purchase a ticket in advance.

In the Heights is a show that took Broadway by storm.  Nominated for 13 Tony Awards in 2008, it took home four,  including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Choreography and Best Orchestration.  It focuses on three days in the lives of residents living on 183rd Street in New York’s Washington Heights.  A primarily Hispanic neighborhood, family bonds are strong; neighborhood ties are equally as binding, but change is in the air that will impact everyone.  It’s a story of dreams and sacrifices, loyalties and love, all taking place in one city block surrounded by millions.