First FACES Business Meeting is October 7

FACES holds its first business meeting of the school year on Wednesday, October 7, at 6:45 pm in the Nottingham cafeteria.

All members of the Nottingham community are invited to attend FACES regular business meetings. Board members vote on FACES business, but any member of the Nottingham community who attends at least two FACES meetings (business or special) earns the right to vote.

Business meetings typically include reports from the principal and the FACES treasurer, plus updates on any ongoing projects or discussion of funding requests.

Information about Receivership Status

At the September 16 information session, school district administrators explained the details of Nottingham, and 17 other SCSD schools, being in “receivership.” The designation results from a NY state law passed in April, and requires that Nottingham create a Community Engagement Team (CET) to review our School Improvement Plan (SIP), make any changes to it that the CET feels would strengthen Nottingham academically, and then submit it to the receiver, Superintendent Sharon Contreras, for approval. The CET will then be charged with monitoring Nottingham’s progress in implementing the plan

This PDF outlines the receivership details and timeline: Information about School Receivership

This document is Nottingham’s most recent SIP, which the CET will use as the starting point of its work:  Nottingham SIG Plan 2015

Bottle/Can Drive on September 19 Benefits Scotland trip

After a long summer of barbeques, vacations or camping, you may find yourself with 5 or 10 cent deposit cans and bottles piling up in the side yard or garage.

The Meadowbrook Harlequins are hosting a Bottle/Can Drive on Saturday, September 19, from 9 to noon in the Nottingham High School parking lot.  Bring your NYS 5 or 10 cent deposit cans or bottles to the parking lot, and help make a theater kid’s dream come true. All monies raised will benefit the theater program’s Fringe Festival trip to Scotland in August 2016.

Please pass this along to family, friends and neighbors. Any questions can be directed to Missy at magiardine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Car Wash on Sep 12 is for Theater Students

Start the school year with a clean car! The Meadowbrook Harlequins are having a car wash this Saturday, Sept 12, from 9 am to 3 pm, at Glisson’s Mobil at 357 Nottingham Road. The cost is $5 per car (you can pay on Saturday or buy tickets in advance by contacting Marjorie Purnine at purnine [at] earthlink [dot] net).

Proceeds from the car wash will send Nottingham students to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2016.

Saturday is NSBE Kick-Off Event

Calling all 7th-12th graders:    On Saturday, September 12, at 10 am, stop by the Nottingham High School cafeteria for the SCSD National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Kick Off Event!

NSBE members compete in Vex Robotics, the First Lego League, science fairs and more.  Students can earn prizes, awards and scholarships!  Parents must attend the orientation. This is the last opportunity to sign up for the program for this school year!

NSBE participation is open to all students.  It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s exciting.

Cabaret Benefit for Nottingham Theater Fringe Fest Trip

Capture the Magic Cabaret:  A Concert for Kids of all Ages featuring the music from Disney and Broadway hits!

Sunday, September 27th at 4:00 p.m. at Jazz Central, 441 E. Washington Street, Syracuse.  Tickets $10 Adult, $5 Child.  Raffles and concessions will be available.

Proceeds to benefit the Meadowbrook Harlequins’ 2016 trip to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.