Open House is Tuesday, October 6

Nottingham’s annual Open House is Tuesday, October 6. We hope parents can join us, following their student’s schedule throughout the evening, meeting teachers and learning about each class and course expectations. Open House runs 6-8 pm.

If possible, print your student’s schedule (or ask your student to print it) in advance so you don’t have to wait for a copy when you get to school.

Remember to bring your Box Tops for Education and leave them at the FACES table. If you have been looking for a Nottingham tee or hoodie, stop by the school store. Cash or checks are accepted.

The Meadowbrook Harlequins, the Nottingham theater troupe, is sponsoring the Ladybug Lunchbox, a local food truck that will be parked at Nottingham from 5-7 pm for those who won’t have time for dinner before heading over to school. The Ladybug has agreed to donate a part of her profits to our theater group—thanks! Check out the menu:  Ladybug Lunchbox menu